Being that one of the few things that didn’t die in the garden last year was spearmint, and the fact that Buffalo Trace was on sale at the store I decided to try and make a mint julep.  I’ve never tried a real one so I’m going with my palate on what I think tastes good.

The recipe make 2 servings:

In a .5L whipping siphon add the bourbon and the mint leaves and add 3 cartridges of NO2.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  While waiting add one tablespoon of sugar into each glass.  Once the time is up  vent the siphon as quickly as possible covering the nozzle with something to catch any liquid that might come out.  Pour the infused liquid though a strainer to catch all the leaves and portion out into the glasses.  Add 2 ice cubes to each glass and mix until sugar is dissolved.  Garnish with a mint leaf and lemon zest into of the ice.

I know citrus is not classic in this cocktail but I believe the smell that it gives off combined with the fresh mint floating in the glass gives it a brighter, more fresh taste.