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Satisfied SFAR 73 2.b.ii today. Feeling really proud. 9.9 more hours before solo. #helicopter #faa #sfar #robinson #r22

Is there anyonee I know that might be able to put me in contact with someone at OpenGov? They have an interesting position I’d like to get some more info on. Thank you.

Visual media friends, here’s something interesting you might want to think about using if you’re concerned about your work being used as training data. There’s some caveats, but maybe those can also be used in creative ways. nightshade.cs.uchicago.edu/downloads… #ai #nightshade #training

Cabin crew : “all emergency exits rows have been briefed” Me : “all rows are exit rows on a Boeing” Guy next to me : “Ha! * snort*”


The older I get the more “dishwasher safe,” becomes a priority when buying stuff.

Cream pasta with “smoked” pork chop. The best tip I’ve found to not have your cream sauce break is not to only use pasta water, that’s great as well, but use a 2-finger pinch of tapioca flour. It’s an amazing hydrocolloid and will stabilize the cream and water emulsion nicely.

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