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Don’t know why but last night I remembered porting over www.enlightenment.org to the PS3 when I was an intern at YellowDog and Sony had tasked us to get #linux working on it before the launch. #enlightenment still looks great.

Do I know anyone that has an Watch AND and Aura ring? Are they a good match or more like two of the same? Been curious about the ring for a while.

Smoked pork loin with beans. There’s few things better.

When your #Weber smoker breaks for the n-th time you learn to improvise. #Breville has yet to do me wrong.

Making ridiculous dinners ridiculously is amazing. Steam burger with steamed cheese, au Gratin potatoes, and corn ribs. Paired with a wine called Secret Squirrel. #dinner #food

Blender muddled Thai Basil Tommy’s margarita. Need to make 2 or more to blender muddle so here’s the spec for two:

  • 4 oz Cazadores reposado
  • 1.5 oz lime juice
  • 1.5 oz agave syrup
  • 10g Thai basil leaves

First tomato sandwich of the year. That’s a BLT for those of you who don’t know. Adding some water to the pan with the bacon makes a huge difference. #blt #tomato #bacon #sourdough

Sadly PDX, light pollution is to the north of me, where the Perseids meteor shower is. Few shooting stars here and there, mostly airplanes. #astroPhotography #perseids #shootingStars #fujiFilm #x-t4.


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