This article over at Serious eats blew my mind.  Not only did it teach me a bunch about how sugar melts (or doesn’t) but the flavor described made me thing of cotton candy.  It’s so easy there’s no reason to not do it.  I poured the last little bit of baker’s sugar I had into a ceramic dish and put it into my small toaster oven at 300˚F for 1 hour.  Halfway through I took it out with an heat-proof glove, tired it around with a fork and put it back in.  The smell coming from the kitchen was amazing.  After the hour was done I decided to let it go for 30 more minutes.  Before setting it back in I stirred it around with a fork again.

When it was done I passed the sugar through a metal strainer while still hot and got a bunch of little sugary-nuggets-of-goodness that I just ate.  The rest went into a shaker to use on whatever I want.

BTW, I was right, the darn thing totally tastes like cotton candy!