Being that I had some extra time on my hands I finally had time to try my hand at making some ketchup at home.  I was going to delay trying this out as I needed some soy sauce to make the Worcestershire sauce from scratch, but I decided to try one variable at a time and go for it with the store-bought kind.


The recipe is easy enough.  I bought multiple kinds of tomato paste form the store.  The more expensive ones come in 4.25oz tubes, so I used the larger, 12 oz cans.  I blended them all together with the salt and mixed them well.  Then I added the honey followed by all the liquids.  I mixed for about 5 minutes making sure it all looked homogenous.

I poured everything into a large mason jar (really wish I had a canning funnel next time I try this) and left it on the counter, away from the sun, overnight.  Then it went straight into the refrigerator.

This has to be some of the best ketchup I’ve ever had.  I can’t wait to try it making my own Worcestershire sauce from scratch.