Now that I’m more settled into the house I think I’m going to try to make a lager.  I’ve set out a couple of the Kumo Tags around the house and one in the shed and found that the temperature is constantly under 52F in the shed.  This is great because I don’t have any way to cool down my fermentors but I do have a way to heat them up.

I’m going to try and make my own version of Firestone Walker’s Pivo Pils as it’s definitely my favorite hoppy lager in the market at the moment.  So, while thinking about making a hoppy lager I got an email about the availability of HBC 438.  Definitely sounds like an interesting hop so I’m going to try it on this beer.

The brew day was weird as my mill blew up sending grain all over the place.  Nothing a trip to the home-brew show couldn’t fix, but still, was not the way I wanted the brew day to start.

[beerxml recipe=“” download=“true” style=“true” mash=“true” fermentation=“true”]

Here’s the temperature of the brew-shed during the fermentation.  You can tell when I brought it into the house for the diacetyl rest.

Also, canning is awesome.  Everyone should try it.  Joseph at CrossRoad Canning was really nice and amazingly knowledgable

Mellon Ballah Graph 2016

This is the 1st time using both BeerSmith2 and the BeerXML Wordpress Plugin and I see some issues, so I’ll clarify them here.

  1. The Saphir hops are supposed to go into the whirlpool.  I guess thats what it means by "10 minutes / aroma"
  2. I don't know how to add an extra fermentation step so the 4 days in "aging" are the 4 days for dry hopping using HBC 438.