So I tried to make gin at home after reading the chapter on extractions using a iSi whipper in the Liquid Intelligence book.

The recipe is simple deceptively simple,
dried gin ingredients

Where did I get the idea that a gin should have these things?  Well, juniper is a no brainer.  But the others come from reading the labels of various gins that I enjoy and then looking around Portland to see what I could easily find.

Then you put that in a whipper with .5 cup of everclear and .5 cup of water for a 40% ABV gin.  Charge with 1 nitrous canister, shake for 30 seconds.  Add a second charge of nitrous and shake hard and let sit for exactly 2 minutes.  Vent as quickly as you can (put something on the nozzle as it might spit).  Open the whipper and let sit for 4 minutes.  Then listen for the bubbling to slow down.  When the bubbling has settles filter through a coffee filter.

whipper with gin

Give that a taste.  It’s not the best gin in the world but I have to say there are plenty of gin out there I’ve payed money for that tastes worse.  Not bad for a first try.