Previously posted on on January 27, 2011

After getting the upload part up and running so quick and easily, I’ve had a nasty time trying to get the Image Tools plugin for Grails to work with my application. I tried using the version that’s mentioned in the Grails documentation for the file but kept getting the following error:

[groovyc] /Users/test/Documents/Proj-test/grails-app/controllers/ProjController.groovy: 192: unable to resolve class ImageTool
[groovyc]  @ line 192, column 21.
[groovyc]    				def imageTool = new ImageTool()
[groovyc]                        ^

After looking around for a bit I found the code on the project’s Github seemed correct but I still couldn’t get the plugin installed. Kept getting errors that files were missing and the structure was incorrect. I found out I had to build my own version of the plugin with the code I had checked out. Once I did this everything started to work.


Once that is done don’t forget to import the library before you use it:

import org.grails.plugins.imagetools.*