This is an early experiment on trying to use the transglutaminase I ordered of the internet.  The idea was to see if I could bind a chicken breast to a turkey breast.  From the internet I found the ratio of transglutaminase to water to make a usable slurs was 1:4.  Because I’m a klutz and a little distracted the actual amounts I ended up using were:

Clearly that is a not right but amazingly it seemed to work.  I put it in a zip-top bag and set it on the bottom self of the refrigerator overnight.

I cooked it for dinner the next day so it spent a little less than 24 hours binding together.  The 2 portions of meat were stuck together in some places but other parts didn’t quite stick.

To cook the turken I took a new sip-top bag, added extra virgin olive oil, herbs de provence, dried oregano and some cumin to add some smokiness.  Then I put it a water bath at 64˚C for 2 hours.  Finished it in a hot pan with some bacon fat.

Definitely not bad for a first experiment.

Lessons learned: