A late summer storm brought down a tree right on to the power lines for the entire neighborhood.  It was laying by the side of the road so I decided to go cut it up and use it to try to grow some mushrooms.  I’d been reading about growing mushrooms since I found out it was possible to do so in the Pacific Northwest.  The two issues I had was, I didn’t have any mushrooms and I had no idea how to use a chainsaw.  The internet fixed the 1st problem and my neighbor helped with the second.

Cup up the tree in a couple of hours and made 2 stacks.


That night, went online and bought some spawn plugs for Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms from Fungi Perfect.  One mushroom for each stack.  They were having a sale and I got a 3rd kind, Reishi, that I could put in random places.  Also got some wax and the hammer from them.  This was a great idea and super helpful.

The bottom set of logs got 20 plugs each increasing the number of plugs going up.  I figured, the top logs are going to get more water and hold less weight so can probably hold more mycelium than the lower levels.  Here’s some potato quality pictures.

IMG_2399 IMG_2402

Now, from the literature that comes with the plugs, I sit and wait for next fall to see what’ll happen.  The real question is, will these mushrooms grow on what I think is Cottonwood, or won’t they grow because it’s just a bad idea in general?  No idea.